Player Profile: Jaelithe Swan

Roles: University of Portsmouth Quidditch Club President 2017 – Present, Assistant Coach, Snitch Referee, Strikers Quidditch PR Officer
Player Number: 19
Member Since: 2014
Position: Chaser, Beater, Seeker

Jaelithe had a rocky start in quidditch. Having joined the University of Portsmouth Quidditch Club in 2014 and making it onto the 2014 Southern Cup squad, Jaelithe quickly quit quidditch to follow other pursuits, only to return to the sport in 2015 and quit again. After returning to the sport for a final time in 2016, she finally decided this was the game for her.

Jaelithe’s first tournament was Southern Cup 2016, and she has played many major and minor games for Strikers since. After a strong year as a dominant physical chaser, Jaelithe elected to move into beating this season with a successful debut at Southern 2017. Jaelithe is remarkable in her vision and drive for her own performance and that of the club as a whole – and works hard both in session and behind the scenes to make Strikers the best it can be.

Bae gets tackled

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