What is Strikers Quidditch?

Strikers Quidditch was established in 2017 by Jack Latoy as a part of Strikers Sports and Recreation. Strikers Sports and Rec encourage sports engagement in individuals previously disenfranchised with sport and promote the social, physical and mental health benefits of sport and exercise. Strikers utilise the most up-to-date coaching and training techniques and modern training methods.

Strikers Quidditch delivers professional quidditch coaching to the Portsmouth community, training Portsmouth’s competitive team, the Horntail Strikers, through the provision of a weekly 3-hour training session.

Strikers Quidditch is the first company to offer professional quidditch coaching in the UK, and supports the first community quidditch team in Portsmouth.

Strikers allows members to train under an experienced coach and contribute to Portsmouth’s competitive team. Student members also have the option to join the University of Portsmouth Quidditch Club.

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Who are the Strikers?

Strikers Quidditch is run by Head Coach and Director Jack Latoy alongside our Assistant Coaches, Referees and volunteers, who all bring a unique set of skills to the Strikers table. You can find out more about the individuals behind Strikers Quidditch over at Who Are the Strikers?

Our competitive teams are made up of a wide range of athletes and individuals who train weekly throughout the year and compete across the September-April season. You can find out more about our competitive teams here, or see how you can get involved!

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What is quidditch?

Quidditch is a full contact sport first played in 2005 in the USA, which reached the UK in 2011. Now played worldwide, quidditch is considered revolutionary for its gender inclusiveness and currently has teams in over 24 countries.

A single game of quidditch requires 5 balls, 9 referees and 6 hoops and can accommodate up to 42 players, with a maximum of 7 per team on pitch at any time.

To find out more, see: What is Quidditch?


Useful Links

Listed below are the websites and pages of groups and individuals related or relevant to Strikers Quidditch.

Quidditch UK

Quidditch UK are the national governing body for quidditch in the United Kingdom. Check out their website to learn about what they do and for more information about the sport and other UK teams and tournaments. Portsmouth currently has one team affiliated to QUK, the Portsmouth Horntail Strikers.

University of Portsmouth Quidditch Club

The Univeristy of Portsmouth is a huge part of Strikers Quidditch! Visit their site to find out more about our university players and to check out their updates and content.

Quidditch Premier League

The Quidditch Premier League consists of 8 regional teams. These teams compete through the summer in three northern and three southern fixtures before a final seventh fixture, the championship. Four Strikers athletes have competed on the south-east regional team to date.

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