This page is about the Strikers Quidditch organisation. To find out more about the sport, see: What is Quidditch?


What is Strikers Quidditch?

Strikers Quidditch delivers professional quidditch coaching in Portsmouth, UK.

Strikers Quidditch is a non-profit organisation, providing weekly 3-hour training sessions to the Portsmouth team, the Strikers.

Strikers Quidditch was established in 2017 by Jack Latoy as a part of Strikers Sports and Recreation. Strikers Sports and Rec encourage sports engagement in individuals previously disenfranchised with sport and promote the social, physical and mental health benefits of sport and exercise. Strikers utilise the most up-to-date coaching and training techniques and modern training methods. Strikers Sports and Recreation won the Startup of the Year Runner Up award at the Enterprise Showcase 2018.


The Team

Since their competitive debut at Southern Cup 2015 the Portsmouth Strikers have gone from strength to strength, successfully qualifying for the British Quidditch Cup every year and placing 8th at Southern Cups 2016 and 2017.

The Strikers concluded their first BQC with a magnificent 160*-20 victory against the Sheffield Squids, finishing 3rd in the lower bracket and placing 19th in the country at the 2017 tournament.

The team had 4 players on the debut Southeast Knights Quidditch Premier League team, who finished second in the league, and had 6 players in QPL for the 2018 season. During the 2017-18 season the Strikers joined the expanded Southwest League in the first division and competed at events such as Lightning Cup and Whiteknights, where the team placed 4th.


The People

Our Strikers come from all walks of life. Our members are aged 16+ and include people from as far as Estonia and the Philippines. Our members’ athletic abilities and sporting experience span across the spectrum, from regular gym goers to first time athletes. Strikers Quidditch is diverse, progressive and driven, dedicated to the success of our members both individually and as a part of our nationally competitive team.

You can find out more about our individual team members by checking out our Player Profiles.


Portsmouth's Premier Community Team

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