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Horntail Strikers place 19th at British Quidditch Cup

After a challenging and exciting weekend, the Portsmouth Horntail Strikers have finished 3rd in the Consolation Bracket of the British Quidditch Cup 2017.​

The Strikers now rank 19th in the country, after some stunning displays across the 2 day tournament. The cup, hosted at Rugeley Leisure Centre on March 11th and 12th, saw 32 teams compete.

Day one saw teams play preselected groups in a round robin format, with Portsmouth facing the Keele Squirrels, Brizzlebees and Veociraptors. Strikers were 2nd seeded for the tournament after their success at Southern Cup 2016 launched them into the upper bracket.

After losses to the Keele Squirrels and Velociraptors, who went on to take 1st place, Portsmouth beat the Brizzlebees 180*-70 to secure their matches for the second day.

With 7 games across the weekend, the Strikers employed a mix of tactical, physical, and enthralling gameplay, finishing the tournament with a staggering 160*-20 win against the Sheffield Squids.

“The Strikers’ first BQC was an amazing experience!” enthuses Jack Latoy, Strikers Coach and Captain. “To win 4 out of 7 games so early in the team’s development is testament to the amazing spirit of the team at the tournament and the hard work put in by every member over the past year.”

The team is now looking forward to Reading’s Whiteknights V, set to take place in April.

Anyone interested in the 2017 BQC Trading Cards set for the Strikers should also keep an eye out for Beater Niall Sleep, sneakily dubbed a Norwich Niffler!
Scores are available below:

Portsmouth – Keele: 30 – 160*
Portsmouth – Velociraptors: 10 – 190*
Portsmouth – Brizzlebees: 180* – 70

Portsmouth – Quidlings: 120* – 10
Portsmouth – Cambridge: 100* – 40
Portsmouth – Falmouth: 20 – 80*
Portsmouth – Sheffield: 160* – 20

*denotes snitch catch, worth 30 points

Horntail Strikers attend Concrete Cup

The Horntail Strikers spent last weekend in Norwich for two days of matches, friendly games and training drills with the Norwich Nifflers at the University of East Anglia.

Dubbed Concrete Cup, the weekend saw one of our chasers catch two snitches on their first day as seeker. The weekend proved to be a fair warm up to the British Quidditch Cup, which both teams will be attending this month. After some last-minute drop outs by competing teams, the Cup caused some chaos among participants, including Lizzie Turner, President of the UEA Quidditch Club.

Lizzie says, “Concrete Cup wasn’t exactly as I anticipated. However, I think I had more fun with what did happen! To have two great days of sport with one of the friendliest teams I know was such a relief. I think my favourite part was getting to socialise with new friends and have a house party (classic Niffler response). Concrete has been the pipe dream of many presidents, and I can be proud to be the first to try and make it happen.”

Intended to be the first of many, 2017’s Concrete Cup offered a calm, friendly environment for players to test themselves and their abilities, alongside a social event to cement those Horntail-Niffler bonds.

Future events hope to attract more teams – although Lizzie says nothing is set in stone yet!

“If we do this event again we certainly need to work on our publicity and communication,” she explains. “Our focus for next year will mainly be on recruiting numbers, so it’s up in the air whether it will happen again, but here’s hoping!”

Check out some stunning photos from the weekend here and here, taken by UEA Photography students.


Portsmouth Competes in Exeter Tournament

After an early November start, the Horntail Strikers traversed the South Coast, dodging fears of Devon floods to face a fun day of Quidditch in Exeter.

Round robin games included new teams Bournemouth and Winchester, alongside hosts Exeter Eagles and the well-known Brizzlebears.

The day also encouraged various merc teams, offering all players new chances and experiences on pitch – and saw 3 of our chasers score their first away-game goals!

Exeter Game Team Photo

Portsmouth Quidditch qualifies for British Quidditch Cup

After some stunning plays, hard work, and inspiring determination displayed by the Horntail Strikers at Southern Cup 2016, not only did the team achieve upper-bracket status but also qualified for the British Quidditch Cup!

Hosted in Southampton, Southern Cup saw the Strikers play the two finalists across the two day tournament, Warwick and Werewolves, as well as matches against the Oxford Quidlings and Brizzlebees.

In addition to catching the snitch in all four of their games, the team boasts the only snitch catch against  Warwick of the tournament.

The team is now training hard, and looking forward to BQC this March.