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The History of the Horntail Strikers

Now half way through their 4th season, Portsmouth Quidditch is looking stronger than ever. Read on to find out where it all began.

Portsmouth’s quidditch team originated with the University of Portsmouth club in 2014, who trained for three years as a student-only group until Strikers Quidditch opened up to the community.

The Horntail Strikers attended their first tournament, Southern Cup 2015, with a modest contingent of 12 players, playing Southampton, Warwick, Swansea and the Oxford Quidlings and successfully scoring in every match. The Strikers then continued to compete at Whiteknights 2016 later in the season.

The Strikers returned to Southern Cup in 2016 and secured a second-seeded spot at the 2017 British Quidditch Cup after a cheeky snitch catch from team Captain Jack Latoy against the tenacious Bristol Bees. Later in the season the team placed 19th at BQC, finishing 3rd in the lower bracket after a 160*-20 victory against the Sheffield Squids.

In addition to the regional and national tournaments of the 2016-17 season, the Strikers also attended a Southwest League match hosted by the Exeter Eagles, took part in and won Concrete Cup hosted by the Norwich Nifflers, and concluded the season with a valiant appearance at Whiteknights with a minimal but impactful 9 players.

The team also boasted getting 4 players on the Southeast Knights regional team of the Quidditch Premier League in the league’s first year.

The team recently placed 8th in Southern Cup 2017, once against securing a second-seeded spot at BQC after a long, muddy weekend. This season, Portsmouth has also joined the expanded Southwest League. You can keep up to date with the team’s latest fixtures and results by following our blog.


Quidditch Premier League – The Round Up

Over the summer three of the Portsmouth team shed their usual purple and black colours to play in the blue and grey of the Southeast knights regional team for the inaugural Quidditch Premier League.

The Quidditch Premier League saw regional managers select 8 squads of 30 players at 16 tryouts across the country. Once the teams had been selected the League began in earnest with the four southern and northern teams battling it out in three seeding fixtures and then a final championship. The Southeast Knights were undefeated in seeding, winning all nine of their matches with the London Monarchs, Southwest Broadside and Eastern Mermaids. The Monarchs provided stiff opposition with some of the matches being exceptionally close in the early stages however the Knights always went on to win the games out of snitch range.

The championship games were hosted at the fantastic 17,000 seat stadium of Craven Park in Hull. At the championship Northern teams faced Southern teams for the first time and everyone was looking forward to the highly likely final match between the Southeast and their undefeated rivals in the North, the West Midlands Revolution. As Predicted both the Southeast and West Midlands Marched to the final undefeated across 3 games. The Southeast won all of these comfortably defeating the Yorkshire Roses 200*-30, the Eastern Mermaids 180-60* and the East Midlands Archers 210*-30. Meanwhile Revolution faced a difficult match in semi finals playing against the strong favourites for an upset game, the London Monarchs. Monarchs put up a good fight but in the end Revolution took the game with the final score line at 140*-30 to the Revolution.

As the sun set and the flood lights came on at Craven Park the stage was set for the final showdown. Southeast versus West Midlands for the QPL trophy. The Southeast took an early lead only to be overtaken by the West Midlands who capitalised on their momentum to open their lead up to 30 points. Southeast held on though, keeping the game within swim up to and beyond seekers being released. In the end though, after an incredibly tense game, Revolution’s formidable seeking line up came through as Morton caught making the final score 140*-70 to the West Midlands.

Despite falling short at the last hurdle all of the players from Portsmouth had a great time throughout the Quidditch Premier League. Keep checking our blog to see their thoughts and reactions to the QPL soon!

Revolution win

Strikers’ Authors: Jack and Jaelithe

By now you should be aware of Strikers Quidditch’s new website. This website has been constructed by Strikers Quidditch manager Jack Latoy and University of Portsmouth Quidditch Club president Jaelithe Swan. But who are these people and how do they produce such amazing content I hear you ask? Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Jack Latoy Portsmouth Strikers Quidditch Author

Hi! My name is Jack and I run the community aspect of Portsmouth quidditch as a part of my business, Strikers Sport and Recreation. I’ve been playing quidditch since September 2014 at the point of the club’s conception as a university team. I began my time in quidditch as an equipment manager for the university team however, as I advanced through my degree in Sport and Exercise Science, I began to take on more coaching roles and the first team’s captaincy.

Having now graduated I am self-employed as a full time sports coach working with taekwondo and quidditch in Portsmouth. In this capacity I build and run training sessions, oversee community involvement and recruitment and produce content for this website!

It is my aspiration to make Strikers Quidditch a big name in the UK quidditch scene and to foster the success of our athletes both on and off pitch. Hopefully the content I produce for this website can help me do that!


Hey! I’m Jaelithe.

I’m currently President of the University of Portsmouth Quidditch Club (2017-18), and was elected Media Officer the previous year. I help run our University training sessions and tournament participation, and promote what our team is doing across the University. I joined quidditch in my first year of University in 2014.

I’m about to enter the final year of my degree in Creative and Media Writing after working in the University’s Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries’ Promotions Team for a year on placement.

I play a major role in our media, marketing and communications here at Strikers Quidditch, as well as creating content for the website and blog.