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Player Profile: Jaelithe Swan

Roles: University of Portsmouth Quidditch Club President 2017 – Present, Assistant Coach, Snitch Referee, Strikers Quidditch PR Officer
Player Number: 19
Member Since: 2014
Position: Chaser, Beater, Seeker

Jaelithe had a rocky start in quidditch. Having joined the University of Portsmouth Quidditch Club in 2014 and making it onto the 2014 Southern Cup squad, Jaelithe quickly quit quidditch to follow other pursuits, only to return to the sport in 2015 and quit again. After returning to the sport for a final time in 2016, she finally decided this was the game for her.

Jaelithe’s first tournament was Southern Cup 2016, and she has played many major and minor games for Strikers since. After a strong year as a dominant physical chaser, Jaelithe elected to move into beating this season with a successful debut at Southern 2017. Jaelithe is remarkable in her vision and drive for her own performance and that of the club as a whole – and works hard both in session and behind the scenes to make Strikers the best it can be.

Bae gets tackled

Player Profile: Tristan Harris

Club Roles: University of Portsmouth Quidditch Club Vice President, Beater Coach, Assistant referee
Player Number: 55
Member Since: 2016
Position: Beater

After joining Strikers Quidditch half way through the 2015/16 season, Tristan quickly became a staple component of the Portsmouth beating line up. Tristan is a confident player with an excellent grasp of both one on one bludger play and also broader beating tactics. Tristan regularly leads or lends a hand in beater coaching with the team and is one of the squads most respected members both within the team and across the national quidditch scene.

When asked for a quote regarding his time with Strikers, Tristan replied “Ow, my leg!”

tristan odd

Player Profile: Rosie Wiggins

Player Number: 100
Member Since: 2017
Position: Chaser, Beater

Rosie Wiggins is one of Strikers hardest working members, successfully balancing her masters degree, work life and, of course, her quidditch career! Rosie began playing quidditch after attending the Whiteknights 5 tournament to see what it was all about and made her Quidditch UK debut at Southern Cup 2017 where she proved to be an invaluable and versatile member of the team.

“Quidditch is really cool! Honestly my favourite thing about it is watching people’s reactions when I tell them I’m a part of a quidditch team!”

Player Profile: Sarah-Louise Lewis

Club Roles: Media Officer 2016-17
Player Number: 91
Member Since: 2015
Position: Chaser

Sarah-Lousie Lewis began playing quidditch in her first year at the University of Portsmouth where she studies musical theatre. Sarah has, in her time with Strikers, become a lot more athletic and confident and is now a strong chasing component in the Portsmouth quidditch community.

“Portsmouth Quidditch is a great inclusive environment. Everyone here is so supportive and amazing!”


Player Profile: Ellie “Luna” Marvin

Club Roles: Social secretary 2015-16, Assistant Chaser Coach
Player Number: 26
Member Since: 2014
Position: Chaser

Ellie, a.k.a Luna,  is one of the Strikers’ longest standing chasers having joined via the University club in the team’s first year. Luna is now a community player having graduated from her course in Psychology at the University of Portsmouth. Luna has a reputation within the team for her unwavering work rates on pitch and shining attitude both on and off pitch.

” I really enjoy playing quidditch, I’ve made loads of friends since joining and the team feels more like a family.”

Luna Marvin Portsmouth Horntail Strikers Quidditch (1)

Player Profile: Jack Latoy

Club roles: Strikers Quidditch manager, 1st team captain, head coach
Player Number: 1
Member since: 2014
Position: Utility

Jack Latoy is a founding member of the Portsmouth team and a professional sports coach. Jack holds a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and is highly passionate about his roles with the team. Jack is one of four players from Portsmouth to have secured a place on the prestigious Southeast Knight team for the Quidditch Premier League (2017).

“I love coaching this team. Every new season is unique and I enjoy training hard and seeing the results at tournaments. There’s nothing better than watching this team succeed.”

jack tackles