Portsmouth’s competitive quidditch team, the Strikers, compete across the country. We’ve qualified for the British Quidditch Cup every year we’ve competed and finished an incredible 3rd place in the Consolation Bracket at BQC 2017 after a 160*-30 victory.

As well as playing with Portsmouth, our players also compete at merc tournaments and in the summer Quidditch Premier League. We’ve had players go on to play for Southampton Quidditch Club, Mammoths QC, and more.

Portsmouth Strikers Team at Whiteknights 2018

Tournament History

Since our competitive debut at Southern Cup 2015 the Portsmouth Strikers have qualified for the British Quidditch Cup every year and placing 8th at Southern Cups 2016 and 2017.

The Strikers concluded their first BQC with a 160*-20 victory against the Sheffield Squids, finishing 3rd in the lower bracket and placing 19th in the country at the 2017 tournament.

We had 4 players on the debut Southeast Knights Quidditch Premier League team in 2017, who finished second in the league, and 6 players in QPL the following season. During the 2017-18 season we joined the expanded Southwest League in the first division, and competed at events such as Lightning Cup and Whiteknights, where the team placed 4th.

We began the 2018 season by taking part in Wessex Cup, followed shortly by Southern Cup in November, where we qualified for BQC 2019. Despite being unable to attend BQC, we competed at Lightning Cup 2019 in Leicester in June to complete our season. We also have a selection of players competing in the 2019 Quidditch Premier League.

The Portsmouth Strikers Quidditch Club 2017-18 team

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