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Strikers Impress at “This Girl Can” Dodgeball Tournament

Strikers recently participated in a charity This Girl Can dodgeball tournament hosted by the University of Portsmouth Dodgeball Club, the Purple Cobras.

The friendly tournament was open to University of Portsmouth students and graduates, with or without dodgeball experience. Spread across two weekly sessions, the tournament gave our student Strikers the chance to utilise their dodgeball skills and help raise money for charity.

Strikers came second in the tournament, missing out on first place against the Dodgeball Club Firsts.

The tournament raised a total of £106.83, which will go towards an elected female related charity.

Strikers’ member Sophie Ward took part in both weeks and said: “The tournament was really fun! I really liked the girls and it was nice playing matches with people who wanted to beat us – it was challenging and different to quidditch training. It was difficult not to bring aspects of beating into the game though, like using full contact elements when running for the balls at the beginning!”

This Girl Can is a Sport England campaign celebrating active women across the UK and encouraging girls to get active however they can – be it through team sports, running, classes or more. This Girl Can Week took place November 20th-26th 2017 and saw women taking part in new activities and sports across the country.

University of Portsmouth Quidditch Club President Jaelithe said, “We encourage every one of our girls to do their best – and it was great to see them getting active and using their passion for sports outside of our sessions.”

Quidditch is considered one of the few truly gender inclusive sports available, with a gender rule allowing no more than 4 people of the same gender on pitch at once. Often described as revolutionary, the rule gives non-male players a vital role in the sport.

“Our girl’s excellent performance is really testament to the Strikers Quidditch training ethos,” says Strikers Quidditch Director Jack Latoy. “For us the gender rule isn’t ‘4 men play the game and we need 3 girls for gender’. We don’t just ‘have girls on pitch’. Our girls train hard, play harder, and do us proud.”

We’d like to thank the Dodgeball Club for hosting us, and hope to see you at training soon!

Photo credit: Tom Mcdonald: Magic Memories Photos

Strikers Quidditch Attends Whirlwind Tornadoes Training

Strikers Quidditch Coach Jack Latoy and Assistant Coach Jaelithe Swan joined the Tornadoes Quidditch Club on the second day of their training weekend in Reading last Sunday.

Training was delivered by Tornadoes’ Coach El Zukowicz, who believes that it is important for teams to open training to non-members.

“I encourage the sharing of drills and play styles between teams,” El explains. “This helps improve the overall skill level and quality of quidditch in the UK. Tornadoes open training went well! We went over a lot of basic skills but those undervalued ‘tricks’ can be game changing if you practice and utilise them.”

The Tornadoes placed 6th at the British Quidditch Cup this year, and offered an open training weekend across the 29th and 30th of July.

The two-day training session focused on beating, with an emphasis on tactics and strategy within the team. Exploring a variety of game play situations, training was beneficial to beaters and chasers alike.

The next Tornadoes training weekend is set to take place in August.

Moving into his fourth year of coaching the Portsmouth team, Jack says the training was hugely beneficial.

“It was great to have the opportunity to train with such a high caliber team as the Tornadoes!” he says. “I really enjoyed watching how other coaches and teams operate and know it will help me to improve my own coaching and play.”

Jaelithe, who is President of the University of Portsmouth Quidditch Club, says that it was extremely useful to see how other teams conduct their training.

“University based teams have a tendency to miss out on coaching over the years as players graduate and leave,” she explains. “It was great to see how an established community team trains, and we hope to utilise the skills we learnt with the Tornadoes and incorporate some of the teaching style into our own sessions for the coming season.”

We’d like to thank the Tornadoes team for hosting us, and look forward to the chance to train with you more in future!

Coach Jack and Assistant Coach Jaelithe on route to Tornadoes Training