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Strikers Wins Startup of the Year Award

Strikers Sports and Recreation are delighted to announce that they have been awarded Startup of the Year Runner Up at this year’s University of Portsmouth Enterprise Showcase.

The Enterprise Showcase 2018 was hosted at the University of Portsmouth’s Portland Building on Thursday 15th March, where the winners and runner ups of nine award categories were announced. The awards evening included exhibitions by multiple startup businesses and saw varying awards for staff, students and graduates.

Strikers Sports and Recreation was established in 2016 by University of Portsmouth alumnus Jack Latoy, and currently encompasses Strikers Taekwondo and Strikers Quidditch. The business has grown steadily since its beginning, now boasting 5 weekly classes across Portsmouth and recently hosting their largest Taekwondo grading to date. Meanwhile, Strikers Quidditch will be competing at the British Quidditch Cup later in March.

The Enterprise Showcase is hosted annually by nest, the student startup incubator, to display and celebrate the entrepreneurial work of University of Portsmouth students and graduates. Other awards celebrated on the night included the Social Start Up Award and Staff Entrepreneurial Spirit of the Year.

Enterprise Startup of the Year nominations were open to the public earlier in the year. The award celebrates the commitment and drive of companies and individuals who take pride in their work and use their passion to succeed within their business.

Strikers Sport and Recreation was nominated alongside 20 other student and graduate startups established in the last 18 months. You can read the nomination below:

“I believe Strikers should win this award as recognition of their ambition, initiative, and commitment to their clients.

I admire the passion that Jack has for both his coaching and business, and the difference that this makes to the lives of the people Strikers reaches. Strikers Sports and Rec has expanded to reach more people than ever, growing from offering an established individual sport to coach a new and inclusive team sport as well.

Strikers Taekwondo coaches a variety of students from 5 years old through to university students and offers a familiar and safe community to all, alongside targeted coaching and an instructor who has genuine faith in his students. One year on, Strikers expanded to include quidditch coaching. Professionalising the coaching of quidditch hasn’t been done before in the UK, and Jack uses a combination of his knowledge from teaching other sports and his degree education to successfully pave the way for other coaches across the country in terms of content, technique and drive.

Jack brings out the best in his athletes, both in and out of sessions, and the friendly and encouraging environment that he offers them week-in and week-out is undoubtedly both the best element of his classes and the one that takes the most devotion. His commitment to his work and his students is an inspiration, and his genuine happiness for all of his students after their successes (either at gradings, tournaments, or competitions) is a sign of his dedication to them and their achievements.”

Thrilled to receive the award, Jack said: “To be nominated alongside so many other strong candidates at the Showcase, and to see the variety of services these student and graduate businesses have to offer, was a magnificent experience. I was flattered to be awarded Runner Up in the category – to be recognised for a year of hard work is wonderful and I can’t wait to see the progression of Strikers Sports and Recreation in the coming year.”

Strikers wishes to extend congratulations to all award winners and nominees across the evening, with a special congratulations to Startup of the Year 1st place winners, The Student Food Project. You can view all nominations and winners at the nest website, here.


The History of the Horntail Strikers

Now half way through their 4th season, Portsmouth Quidditch is looking stronger than ever. Read on to find out where it all began.

Portsmouth’s quidditch team originated with the University of Portsmouth club in 2014, who trained for three years as a student-only group until Strikers Quidditch opened up to the community.

The Horntail Strikers attended their first tournament, Southern Cup 2015, with a modest contingent of 12 players, playing Southampton, Warwick, Swansea and the Oxford Quidlings and successfully scoring in every match. The Strikers then continued to compete at Whiteknights 2016 later in the season.

The Strikers returned to Southern Cup in 2016 and secured a second-seeded spot at the 2017 British Quidditch Cup after a cheeky snitch catch from team Captain Jack Latoy against the tenacious Bristol Bees. Later in the season the team placed 19th at BQC, finishing 3rd in the lower bracket after a 160*-20 victory against the Sheffield Squids.

In addition to the regional and national tournaments of the 2016-17 season, the Strikers also attended a Southwest League match hosted by the Exeter Eagles, took part in and won Concrete Cup hosted by the Norwich Nifflers, and concluded the season with a valiant appearance at Whiteknights with a minimal but impactful 9 players.

The team also boasted getting 4 players on the Southeast Knights regional team of the Quidditch Premier League in the league’s first year.

The team recently placed 8th in Southern Cup 2017, once against securing a second-seeded spot at BQC after a long, muddy weekend. This season, Portsmouth has also joined the expanded Southwest League. You can keep up to date with the team’s latest fixtures and results by following our blog.


Horntail Strikers place 19th at British Quidditch Cup

After a challenging and exciting weekend, the Portsmouth Horntail Strikers have finished 3rd in the Consolation Bracket of the British Quidditch Cup 2017.​

The Strikers now rank 19th in the country, after some stunning displays across the 2 day tournament. The cup, hosted at Rugeley Leisure Centre on March 11th and 12th, saw 32 teams compete.

Day one saw teams play preselected groups in a round robin format, with Portsmouth facing the Keele Squirrels, Brizzlebees and Veociraptors. Strikers were 2nd seeded for the tournament after their success at Southern Cup 2016 launched them into the upper bracket.

After losses to the Keele Squirrels and Velociraptors, who went on to take 1st place, Portsmouth beat the Brizzlebees 180*-70 to secure their matches for the second day.

With 7 games across the weekend, the Strikers employed a mix of tactical, physical, and enthralling gameplay, finishing the tournament with a staggering 160*-20 win against the Sheffield Squids.

“The Strikers’ first BQC was an amazing experience!” enthuses Jack Latoy, Strikers Coach and Captain. “To win 4 out of 7 games so early in the team’s development is testament to the amazing spirit of the team at the tournament and the hard work put in by every member over the past year.”

The team is now looking forward to Reading’s Whiteknights V, set to take place in April.

Anyone interested in the 2017 BQC Trading Cards set for the Strikers should also keep an eye out for Beater Niall Sleep, sneakily dubbed a Norwich Niffler!
Scores are available below:

Portsmouth – Keele: 30 – 160*
Portsmouth – Velociraptors: 10 – 190*
Portsmouth – Brizzlebees: 180* – 70

Portsmouth – Quidlings: 120* – 10
Portsmouth – Cambridge: 100* – 40
Portsmouth – Falmouth: 20 – 80*
Portsmouth – Sheffield: 160* – 20

*denotes snitch catch, worth 30 points