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Strikers’ Authors: Jack and Jaelithe

By now you should be aware of Strikers Quidditch’s new website. This website has been constructed by Strikers Quidditch manager Jack Latoy and University of Portsmouth Quidditch Club president Jaelithe Swan. But who are these people and how do they produce such amazing content I hear you ask? Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Jack Latoy Portsmouth Strikers Quidditch Author

Hi! My name is Jack and I run the community aspect of Portsmouth quidditch as a part of my business, Strikers Sport and Recreation. I’ve been playing quidditch since September 2014 at the point of the club’s conception as a university team. I began my time in quidditch as an equipment manager for the university team however, as I advanced through my degree in Sport and Exercise Science, I began to take on more coaching roles and the first team’s captaincy.

Having now graduated I am self-employed as a full time sports coach working with taekwondo and quidditch in Portsmouth. In this capacity I build and run training sessions, oversee community involvement and recruitment and produce content for this website!

It is my aspiration to make Strikers Quidditch a big name in the UK quidditch scene and to foster the success of our athletes both on and off pitch. Hopefully the content I produce for this website can help me do that!


Hey! I’m Jaelithe.

I’m currently President of the University of Portsmouth Quidditch Club (2017-18), and was elected Media Officer the previous year. I help run our University training sessions and tournament participation, and promote what our team is doing across the University. I joined quidditch in my first year of University in 2014.

I’m about to enter the final year of my degree in Creative and Media Writing after working in the University’s Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries’ Promotions Team for a year on placement.

I play a major role in our media, marketing and communications here at Strikers Quidditch, as well as creating content for the website and blog.